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The WYDM Domino Effect

On the 5th of January, Domino Effect challenges were sent out to 50 people via post. People were asked if they would like to take part via our facebook page, some were specifically chosen, others at random and the rest were nominated by the WYDM team.

As we are in 2015, there are 15 goodwill acts of kindness placed into 3 groups. All 15 acts are listed in the letter.



  • Please email [email protected] to say that you’ve received the challenge and whether you will be taking part. If you do not wish to take the challenge, please inform us so you can give someone else the opportunity to.

  • Please add us on our social media:

Facebook:  WhatYou DoMatters       Twitter: @YouMatterWYDM    Instagram: WhatYouDoMatters

  • Upload on social media a video of yourself answering the question ‘Why does What You Do Matter?’ & what it felt like doing this challenge. Use the hashtag #WYDMDomino
We hope you can create a video, if not please document somehow. We would love photos, statuses, or videos of the challenge.

  • The challenge must be completed within the month it is received (Please feel free to do more than one challenge)

  • You must nominate TWO people to do the challenge the following month (Keep this letter safe or make copies to pass it on)

The aim:

The #WYDMDomino challenge was sent to 50 people in January. We believe YOU are significant and that with your help, we aim to receive emails in December 2015 to prove that acts of goodwill were carried out throughout the whole year. Be part of the domino effect!

Welcome to Our WYDM Movement & Good Luck!

We will be blogging monthly to keep you updated with the Domino Effect #WYDMDomino