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WYDM The A21 Campaign Fundraiser Aug 2013

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What You Do Matters (WYDM) fundraising event in aid of The A21 Campaign UK on the 30th August 2013. Thank you to all those help create this amazing event and all those who kindly donated. Because of you all we raised £516.95. THANK YOU ♥

WYDM 26 for 26; Women Empowerment March 2014

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50 women were invited to afternoon tea whereby each received their own WYDM booklet consisting of charities / organisations Jacqueline Fernandez, the founder of WYDM, has worked for, volunteered with and worked alongside (3 of future interest).

The women could donate to 1 or as many of the 26 organisations, most being small and upcoming charities. They were:

Gateway Foyer, Kids Company Cancer Research, VSO Bahaginan, The A21 Campaign UK, Faces in Focus, Ghana Volunteer Project , Gamble Concern, UNICEF,Visible Women, ICM Kings Cross, Bridges Project, Progress Lodge, Victim Support,The Challenge Network, MAC UK, Community Links, Over the Wall, Tender, Women and Girls Network, British Red Cross, Mind, NSPCC, Habitat for Humanity (via The K.R.A.K Effect), India Women Empowerment project and What You Do Matters (WYDM)


"WYDM is such an important organisation - it reminds us all that it doesn't matter who we are, where we're from or what we have.... it's what we do that matters and we all have the ability to change the world we live in. 

Speaking at 26 for 26 was an honour for me because I shared a big part of my life (St. Angela's) with the amazing ladies who sat before me but it was only speaking at that event that I was actually able to share my journey with them.


Looking into each one of their faces, I became inspired and empowered because I knew I wasn't alone... we're all trying to make it, in someway or another but every one in that room was trying to do much more than that and make a difference to people's lives... that's what matters to me and that's why I love and support What You Do Matters."



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