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Ghana Volunteer Project

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I had only two weeks to give my all and spend as much time with the children as possible. I feel more inspired than ever before. Those kids, those smiles, those warming hugs, of course I was going to love them.

I had two placements, in the morning we would teach one on ones at the UCC (Underprivileged Childrens Centre). I met children from the nursery who varied in age and varied in academic level. Some children could easily write their ABC’s and identify colours. Some would say their ABC’s but when asked an individual letter, they become increasing distressed. One girl aged 9, I remember a volunteer getting distressed with her as she was unable to correctly right the letter C after half an hour of repeated writing. It saddened me greatly. Children with clear signs of autism looking aimlessly in class as there was no funding to send them to a special needs school. They relied on volunteered. They relied on us.

The first day I was teary eyed simply because I couldn’t see the future they deserved.

My second placement was in the afternoon. It was part of the United Through Sports Ghana project whereby volunteers would teach at the School of Excellence. It was a great incentive for the children, if they came to after school class they were entitled to football training and great football opportunities. The kids were older and even more eager to learn.

Meet Dennis & Edmund. Dennis, gosh! you’ll love him from the get-go! My very first time teaching at the SofE, Dennis was at the front, so eager to absorb whatever I was about to teach. But this wasn’t just a one time thing, every class, even the other classes I did not teach, his hand was always up. His eyes valued education. Something you just don’t see too often in the UK.

Then theres Edmund- not as loud and cheeky as Dennis but with the most loving of characters. During a creative writing class, I sat next to him. He wrote a story of ‘the Greedy man’. He’s handwriting so perfect and small. We asked for him to read his aloud, when he did he was nervous, shy and not at all confident in himself. I was told after class the reason for his stutter was because in Ghana they are caned and told off for mistakes and he read it slow to ensure it was correct. My heart immediately melted.

I am honoured to sponsor them. Dennis & Edmund, in my eyes you're already stars!

So what I’ve learnt is how unfair this world is and how much we can change it. I met Billa who founded the UCC and whilst in Ghana I read the founder of Kids Company's story of how her charity came about. Ok so this is far fetched but anyone rich or happy to invest in my business plan of a 'W.Y.D.M centre' in Manila, Philippines for underprivileged children?!? Maybe, just maybe this is where WYDM purpose lies. It took Billa nearly 10 years for the support he's receiving now but he started off with one step and a huge amount of passion. Anythings possible, right? Watch this space!

Thank you to all those who kindly donated to my trip to Ghana. You have no idea how blessed I am to have been given the opportunity to meet those kids. Because of you all, I am more than driven to ensure the world knows What You Do Matters.

The WYDM First Fundraising Event 2012

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The very first WYDM fundraising event titled 'What You Do Matters;

The Ghanaian Orphans matter' was held on the 2nd November 2012.

The event was filled with amazing entertainment. The night was hosted by

Rachel Guillermo, a radio host fo BreakLondon and one of our very own

WYDM team members. We had a line up of amazing singers Cheryl Adamos,

MartyMajor, Kym Daludado, dance performances, by Alias and Lost

movement, fashion show organised by Sicgmone Kludje showing collections

by DomDoesDye, Neesie, SKG, Andrea & Sipho, raffle with the 1st prize being

a 5 day stay at Villa Fernandez resort in the Philippines and a bottle of champagne.

The night ended with a male auction and music by DJ Menace.

From JUST the very first WYDM event we raised £1041. We also sold over over

350 What You Do Matters wristbands. All proceeds of the night together with the

selling of the wristbands has succesfully funded Jacqueline Fernandez, founder

of What You Do

Matters to be a part of RealGap's volunteering abroad scheme and

will work as a carer in an orphanage in Accra, Ghana in March 2013